The move comes at a time when the San Francisco-based company is facing growing competition from incumbents that are moving into its sector. Last week online travel group Expedia paid $3.9bn to buy HomeAway, an Airbnb rival that specialises in vacation rentals. Priceline, the travel group, has also expanded in this area through its subsidiary, which offers three times as many non-hotel rooms, including flats, as Airbnb. “The nature of the competition has changed,” says Nate Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder and chief technology officer. The company’s response has been to double-down on its home-sharing market rather than to expand into other travel services. “Our demand has grown slightly faster than our supply,” says Chip Conley, the company’s head of hospitality. The number of listings on Airbnb has increased 75 per cent over the past year, reaching 1.75m. The company declined to disclose how many more requests it has had but its number of guests in the summer months more than doubled this year from the previous year. Get the full story at the Financial Times and