From your Airbnb inbox, you’re able to ask anything such as “where’s the best place to eat” or “can you get me tickets for the sold out Oakland A’s game tonight” and the new service pledges it’ll do its best to get you what you want. Local Companion is free and only works in San Francisco at the moment, but the service does offer the ability purchase items for you inside the app using your credit card if you approve. If you requested tickets to a game or a movie, the service would simply ask you to approve the charge and it would be done using the credit card you have on file. Recommendations using the service are great, too. After you opt-in to sharing your location, local companion automatically kicks off the process by getting someone in the city to recommend something to do or see near where you’re booked to stay. After that, you can ask almost anything and the people on the other end will answer within a few hours. Get the full story at The Next Web