The head of PKF Hospitality Research had to peer into the sea of some 1,200 attendees, hand above his squinted eyes like a sailor gazing into a foggy horizon, to find any. There were maybe five in all. “Well, I’m going to talk about it anyway,” Woodworth said. He was right to do so. The peer-to-peer accommodations platform is a threat to both demand and rate. This dismissive attitude is based on the fact that it takes a lot of Airbnb supply to truly steal share. To reach that mass, Airbnb needs a strong concentration of willing hosts in high-demand markets such as New York City and San Francisco. So yes, owners and operators in most secondary and tertiary markets are largely immune for now. Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "Airbnb and Uber are just the beginning. What's next for the sharing economy" at Entrepreneur