In terms of size, Airbnb already has overtaken the largest hotel companies. During the past year, the number of rooms available through Airbnb has grown from about 300,000 to about 1 million, Barclays European leisure analyst Vicki Stern wrote in the note. By comparison, as of the 2014 BTN Business Travel Survey, the largest hotel company measured by rooms, InterContinental Hotels Group, had a portfolio of about 687,000 rooms. Even so, it will remain mostly a leisure player during that time, with only about 10 percent of Airbnb bookings currently used for business travel, she added. "There is currently no regulation applied to Airbnb hosts regarding fire safety, food hygiene and insurance," Stern wrote. "This is a key difference to hotels, which are required to adopt strict health and safety regulations, and this is one key reason why we believe the majority of business[es] would be reluctant to send employees to Airbnb accommodation instead of a hotel." Get the full story at Business Travel News