To date, Airbnb already offers more than 24,000 boutique hotel listings on the platform. This might only represent around 5 percent of their 4.5 million listings, but they are 100% instantly bookable. 1.9 million properties were available for instantly booking out a total 4 million listings in August 2017, and the company claimed that 70% of all new listings were using this facility (most likely spurred by the fact that share of hotels and Bed-and-Breakfast newcomers is higher than individual properties). We can deduct that the total number of instantly bookable properties on Airbnb today is likely to be north of 2.2 millions, hotel inventory representing aprox 10% of the total. Despite boutique hotels being typically smaller than traditional hotels, the room capacity of these type of lodgings will still in average more than double the number of rooms offered by private accommodations. Therefore it seems reasonable to assume that the weight of hotels exceeds 20% of the total Airbnb instantly bookable room inventory. Get the full story at LinkedIn