Technology has given many people the ability to rent out their own homes, or even a room in apartment through services like Airbnb and Expedia-owned HomeAway. In separate sessions during the GeekWire Summit 2016, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Jeff Jordan of Airbnb investor Andreessen Horowitz spoke about competition in the market and the effects these companies are having on travel. When Jordan first learned about Airbnb years ago, he thought it was one of the stupidest ideas he had ever heard, primarily because he likes his privacy and the concept of renting a room in an apartment or renting out his house didn’t sound appealing. But after hearing Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky speak at a conference years ago, he “went from a complete skeptic to a complete believer in 29 minutes.” In Airbnb, Jordan saw the next eBay, where he previously worked. “It’s a different vertical, but it’s a community-driven model that started with a quaint little idea that seemed small, and the community took it and expanded the idea,” Jordan said. Get the full story at GeekWire