The Nuki Smart Lock can be easily put on top of existing locks to turn it into an app-based, keyless entry system. After a quick installation of a Nuki Smart Lock, hosts simply need to log into the online Nuki web platform, link the Nuki Smart Lock to their Airbnb account, and voila, the guest is granted access to the rented home. Once a booking is confirmed with a host using a Nuki Smart Lock, they’ll automatically receive a message mentioning the listing has a smart lock enabled. A link will be shared, so they can download the Nuki app and use it as a way to lock and unlock the door. Nuki can provide 24/7 check-ins and checkouts so that would be a big plus. It will offer the option of getting rid of physical key handover ‘ceremonies’ – perfect for those who want to remain incognito, might be too busy, too shy, or just straight up don’t want to meet in person. In addition, individual access permissions can be managed on the app, and a detailed activity log will provide an added sense of security for both guests and hosts. Get the full story at Travel Daily