The Joie de Vivre hotels are diverse. How are you taking that experience into your current role at Airbnb? What we’re seeing in all industries is people trying to figure out how to be more hospitable, obviously in hotels, but also retail. Apple rethought the computer retail experience by looking at the Ritz Carlton. Hospitality is sort of at the heart of what any consumer-facing company wants to provide. I am fascinated at Airbnb, as part of my role there is to democratize the business of hospitality. We have 850,000 listings, 500,000 hosts in190 countries. The reason I wanted to do that is the more we can spread hospitality in the world, the less we need the United Nations — 70 percent of guests who stay at Airbnb listings are international visitors. The more we treat each other with what I define hospitality as — a generosity of spirit — it’s the best way to imagine a world that’s safer, saner and a lot happier. How do you want to accomplish that? Tuesday I was in Portland. Portland is a model city for Airbnb, so we’re doing things to get into the community. The Portland City Council approved home sharing in single-family homes as a first step. So I met with about 60 hosts up there, and to sit and teach hosts about the art of hospitality reminds me of why I got into hospitality in the first place. Get the full story at the San Francisco Business Times