For its chief marketing officer, Jonathan Mildenhall, the formula is more complex. Take a maverick mindset, a disadvantaged but creatively rich background, a belief in inclusivity and diversity forged through experience, and combine these with a commitment to humanity in marketing. Humanity, creativity and diversity are words Mildenhall uses a lot, but "uncomfortable truth" is his phrase of the moment. It occurs frequently as he talks about a might-never-have-happened career in marketing that culminated in an award-winning tenure at Coca-Cola and now the challenge of Airbnb, which he joined in June 2014. The outgoing, ever-smiling Mil-denhall has spent a lifetime confronting uncomfortable truths and it holds him in good stead as he runs the marketing at a company with an in-built suspicion of the subject. "I often describe myself as the chief dirty word officer," he laughs. Get the full story at Campaign