Specifically, the pace of growth in room nights sold has declined over the course of the past year, even though demand is still growing significantly. We expect the pace of demand growth will continue to decelerate during the next few years. Airbnb’s rapid growth has made it a significant participant in the U.S. lodging industry. Its market share has grown from nothing to the high single-digits over the span of a decade. Based on Airbnb’s recent growth trends, its market share of U.S. lodging demand is likely to increase further before stabilizing. Hotel Appraisers & Advisors (HA&A) estimates that Airbnb accounted for approximately 8.1 percent of all paid U.S. lodging demand in 2017. Airbnb’s market share has grown rapidly since its debut in 2007. Especially during the past four years, Airbnb’s market share has increased. Get the full story at Hotel Online