As an industry, it’s difficult to forget what happened after 9/11. This was a time when we were fighting for survival and began bastardizing ourselves, giving more and more inventory to OTAs and agreeing to higher and higher commissions. By “feeding the beast,” we created a huge problem for the industry. Incremental demand driven by OTAs has always been small; and, OTAs spend the bulk of their money on marketing. The net effect is that we do about the same amount of business, but our commission costs continue to increase dramatically. And with their additional revenues, the OTAs can invest in even more marketing and enhanced technology. Now they are in a position to take, and they are taking, an even bigger share of our revenue, driving our commission costs up even higher. With Airbnb’s incredible inventory and site traffic rivaling the biggest OTAs, some argue that partnering with the company would provide hotel companies with an alternative to some of the major OTAs. Indeed, Airbnb is increasingly targeting independent and branded hotels to list with them. Get the full story at Lodging