Social media teams are now expected to drive a greater number of business goals, each of which is significant and sophisticated in its own right. In the past, driving brand awareness was considered enough. However, the focus has now shifted to core business goals such as revenues, loyalty and customer service. Increased focus on airline business goals The outlook survey 2015-16 reveals the increased focus on core business goals. - Airline Customer Service: In last year’s survey, customer service finished 15% behind brand awareness as the top focus of airlines. This year, however, customer service has emerged as the top priority for airlines. This is a clear indication that social media is more than just a marketing tool now. Airlines realise the importance of two-way communication in the age of the connected traveler, and the impact on brand good airline social customer service can have. - Driving Ancillary Revenues: The biggest jump has been in driving ancillary revenues. In 2014-15 only 17% of the airline executives listed it as one of the top three priorities. In 2015-16 this number jumped to 39%, register- ing a 129% rise in preference. - Driving Loyalty: The focus on driving loyalty this year is a sign of social media coming of age. 71% of airline executives now understand that driving loyalty using social media is a top priority. This number is up by 54% from 2014-15. This trend is most prominent in the Middle East where driving loyalty emerged as the top priority for airline executives. Get the full story at SimpliFlying