Technology and data company Engagement Labs undertook a six-month analysis of the engagement and responsiveness rates that airline brands have in relation to social media users’ questions and complaints. While American Airlines and Alaska Airlines nabbed the top spots, other marketers in the travel space should ensure they offer interactive content to drive engagement and positive experiences among followers. “For the travel industry especially, social media is another avenue companies can use as customer service and provide their consumers with the information they need, in real-time,” said Bryan Segal, CEO of Engagement Labs, Quebec, Canada. “Travel can be a stressful occasion for many because there is potential for a lot to go wrong. “From cancelled flights to mishandled luggage, many travelers leverage social channels to get information, and the number of consumers leveraging social media channels as an avenue for customer service is increasing year over year. By having a strong social media response strategy, travel brands are able to provide consumers with the information they are looking for and/or a simple acknowledgement of the issue the consumer is experiencing, which can positively impact brand affinity.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer