Airlines and their use of social media were top of mind this week when US Airways inadvertently posted a visual tweet that surely qualifies as one of the most ruinous Twitter gaffes of all time. It was one of two incidents - the other involving American Airlines - that had the Web atwitter. Everywhere you looked airlines seemed to be pulling negative headlines, and nothing but. It's easy to imagine these brands feeling anxious about social media, and in light of recent events, they probably will. But airlines also have a staunch record of producing stellar social campaigns, particularly when they leverage storytelling. That was the case last December when WestJet launched its "Christmas Miracle" video on YouTube. Within a matter of days, consumers were flocking to watch the five-minute story of "real-time giving." Currently, the video is sitting at more than 35.7 million views. Delta, too, has produced its share of memorable content. Recently it launched a themed YouTube video in honor of its first in-flight safety video, which launched during the '80s. And in United Hub, a content-rich section of the United Airlines site, the brand features news, interviews, insight into ad campaigns, and product videos of interest to its passengers. On Twitter, its monthly #UnitedPlaneChat gives customers the chance to converse with flight attendants. Get the full story at ClickZ