Among the findings in this year's Consumer Trends survey, the most notable shifts occurred within sectors whose booking procedures are often more complex than they are for reserving a nonresort hotel room, buying a plane ticket or renting a car. (Read more from the Consumer Trends survey here.) One of the biggest shifts was found within the escorted-tour sector. About 14% of the respondents who booked escorted tours said they had done so through either an online travel agency (OTA) or a travel-search site such as Kayak, compared with just 2% last year. Meanwhile, the percentage of escorted-tour customers who booked through travel agents fell to 11%, from 18%. In addition, all-inclusive resorts appear to be improving on their efforts to get more guests to book direct. Almost half of those polled had booked their all-inclusive resort stay directly, up from 36% a year earlier, while the percentage of those who booked through either OTAs or big-box retailers such as Costco plunged to 12%, from 28%. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Read Travel Weekly's full report "Consumer Trends 2014" at Travel Weekly