David Leak and his partner, of Surbiton, booked their weekend in Lille through Eztrip.com last year. He told Times Online Travel: “Unbeknown to us, we booked the weekend of the Braderie – the largest street market in Europe apparently, attracting some two million visitors. When we arrived we found that, although we had been given an address in Lille (confirmed by email) the hotel didn’t exist. Or, rather, it did exist, but in Boulogne, some 150km away.”

Luckily, the pair found another hotel with a last minute cancellation but it cost them an extra 170 Euros. They were eventually compensated, but it took over five months of emailing (the Eztrip website has no telephone number) to get a satisfactory resolution.

So how can you be sure when you book hotels over the internet that what you get is what it says on the tin? In the case of Eztrip, the hotel address did include Lille. So, whoever is to blame, it seems the only way to be sure is to pinpoint the hotel on a map. In the case of Eztrip, there is no map function on the site. It’s not the only one.

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