Every month, millions of travelers come to TripAdvisor to plan the perfect trip. Now, for the first time ever, these travelers can book directly on TripAdvisor with the “Book on TripAdvisor” button. And TripConnect instant booking gives you an easy way to claim these bookings. All about “Book on TripAdvisor” “Book on TripAdvisor” is a high visibility placement in the TripAdvisor Hotel Price Comparison search. It appears alongside the cost-per-click ads for your property, including those from other distribution partners, like OTAs. The difference with “Book on TripAdvisor” is that it takes full advantage of a natural consumer behavior: When travelers find the accommodation they want on TripAdvisor, they want to book it immediately. Clicking “Book on TripAdvisor” gives them the easiest possible transition from research to booking with you. The booking process is fully optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile platforms in 25 languages and many global currencies. Plus, travelers are more willing to book when they know they can stay on TripAdvisor, rather than leaving the site to complete their reservation. How TripConnect instant booking works TripConnect instant booking gives you an easy way to capitalize on millions of travelers booking directly on TripAdvisor. Pay for Stays: TripConnect instant booking is based on a simple pay-per-booking commission model. You don’t pay for bookings until travelers complete their stays. Direct Booking Benefits: TripConnect works with your connectivity provider to add your rates and availability to the “Book on TripAdvisor” button. Once travelers make their reservations, the booking details are passed to you directly through your connectivity provider. You own the relationship with your customer from the beginning. Any customer service inquiries or changes will be managed by you. Maximize traveler views and bookings A traveler view occurs each time “Book on TripAdvisor” appears for your property in search results. Sometimes travelers will be viewing your rates; other times they will be seeing your distribution partners’ rates. You can choose the share of traveler views you’ll receive when setting up TripConnect instant booking. Choosing a 15% commission rate allows you to claim half of all traveler views, as well as any resulting bookings those views generate. Or you can choose a lower 12% commission rate, to get a quarter of all traveler views and any resulting bookings. You’ll be invoiced on a monthly basis, with each invoiced item reflecting a completed stay that was booked via TripConnect instant booking. You’ll have the opportunity to review these charges, and make any necessary adjustments based on booking changes. Read also "TripConnect Instant Booking: Quick Start Guide", "Answers to 5 Top TripConnect Instant Booking Questions", and "FAQs: TripConnect Instant Booking"