The company has been growing 20-30% a week for the past few months and they found a few interesting statistics. In San Francisco, 56% of their customers chose Airbnb apartments while in New York 43% chose apartments. Overall, 39% of their customers chose apartments over hotels. Most of their funding came from New York Angels as well as EF Angels and 37 Angels, which is an interesting point. As Airbnb explodes in the Valley, it’s clear that investors on this side of the land mass are looking towards hospitality as the next big thing. “We’re still the only site besides Airbnb that has all of Airbnb’s inventory, allowing it to be compared directly with hotels,” said co-founder William Beckler. “We have dozens of other home stay sites that aren’t as famous as Airbnb but all worth checking.” “Existing hotel-focused metasearch engines, such as Kayak and Trivago, never present travellers with all the rooms available in a given destination, forcing the consumer to visit dozens of sites. We save the customer time and money by combining absolutely every room on the internet into one well designed and incredibly fast search engine,” said Beckler. I, for one, welcome our hotel and apartment-sharing aggregator overlords. Get the full story at TechCrunch