It’s not just a change of name but a change in strategy in which it sees the future growth being in non-air, said senior vice president travel channels and a member of the Amadeus’ executive committee, Decius Valmorbida, interviewed in Bangkok. The company is putting its priority on a new “fully open” platform that will pull in content other than air – ground transport, in-destination tours & activities, accommodation, LCCs or traditional airlines that do not participate in the typical GDS model, and so on – sourced from alternative means, including APIs or even direct from web through screen-scraping. This will enable travel agents to provide their customers with a full array of options at any given moment, from the time they start establishing a relationship with a client, to when the client is buying travel, during his trip and even afer. Said Valmorbida: “We’ve shifted our focus to the travelers, who are being exposed to travel trends, are used to shopping at high speed and want a convenient one-click buying. Get the full story at TTG Asia