In the latest PhocusWire PundIT Show podcast, editor in chief Kevin May discussed Amazon’s potential to disrupt travel with Valyn Perini, vice president of strategic relationships at Nor1; Stephen Joyce, CEO of Rezgo; and Robert Cole, founder of RockCheetah. “Amazon is all about controlling the supply chain,” Joyce says. “They have a history of being very, very good at optimizing the supply chain and controlling it and squeezing out every penny from every step that they can and thereby reducing the cost to the consumer for what would normally be a lot of intermediary steps.” The potential to create a distribution system linked to Prime membership – what Cole calls “the best loyalty scheme in existence on the planet” - could also be very appealing to hoteliers looking to cut costs. “If you are an independent hotelier and you go, gee, can I go market directly to Amazon Prime members and give them a deal and I don’t need a brand any more. And I might not need an OTA anymore. I might still work with them but … it’s not as important. That’s a pretty powerful value proposition,” he says. Get the full story at PhocusWire Read also "Online travel is a huge opportunity for Amazon"