The partnership is the latest attempt by marketers to shower attention on consumers big footprints in social media, in hopes to earn mentions in their news feeds. The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas introduced the "Klout Klub" in 2010 to offer special amenities to people with high rankings on the service. Klout scores are computed through a proprietary algorithm that weighs various elements in users' social-media profiles, including their follower count and engagement with their tweets. Periodic changes to the algorithm that cause some users' scores to drop have caused great hand-wringing. Klout introduced its "perks" program -- which entails distributing free goods or services to users who meet the requisite criteria, including a certain score threshold and social "influence" in a specific area like technology or cars -- in 2010 and has distributed freebies for customers like Sony, Nike, Microsoft, Audi and Disney. Get the full story at Advertising Age Related Link: Klout