The survey, conducted for American Express by The Futures Company, polled more than 1,000 consumers in the U.S. on their attitudes toward travel. It found that travelers are placing an even higher premium on the experiences they enjoy through travel, as well as the personal service provided by travel professionals. Eighty-two percent said they are more interested in making memories than making money; 85 percent said they plan to travel as much, if not more, for leisure travel in the next five years; and 91 percent said they would rather focus on meaningful life experiences over their profession. Some 85 percent also agree with the statement that “spending money on travel is an investment worth making,” and 64 percent agree with the statement that “leisure travel is a big priority in my life.” Travelers also are far more resilient and eager to travel: 60 percent disagree with the statement that “with all of the risk and uncertainly in the world today, it makes me want to travel less.” Get the full story at Travel Pulse