With over two-thirds (67%) of Americans placing importance on the eco-friendliness of a destination, this market segment has a growing future ahead of it.

Travelers are reassessing how they travel, where they stay and the impact they leave behind when on vacation, according to the Orbitz survey.

Conducted by MarketTool's Zoomerang's polling service, the Orbitz survey highlights that:

- More than half (65%) state it would somewhat impact their decision to stay at a hotel if they knew the hotel was using solar or wind energy to supplement the powering of the building.

- A strong majority (63%) state they would pay a little more to rent a hybrid vehicle or stay at a "green" hotel.

- More than half (52%) of Americans state they would be willing to donate a small portion of their vacation budget to help save the environment when booking a trip.

Although great strides have been made regarding eco-travel awareness, it is clear that many Americans feel that destinations in the United States could be doing a better job when it comes to working to preserve Mother Nature. More than half (51%) of Americans surveyed feel the tourism industry in the United States is not environmentally friendly.