Planners in North America predict the number of meetings and the number of attendees will increase across all meeting types in 2019 and that most meetings will last longer. Planners expect the estimated cost per attendee, excluding air costs, to be between $1,200 and $1,700 depending on the meeting type; internal meetings fall on the lower end while incentives spend is the highest. The biggest meetings cost driver will be a 2.4 percent increase in the average hotel average daily rate. U.S. planners expect room rates to rise 2.68 percent, while planners in Canada expect them to rise 1.25 percent. To deal with these costs, planners are considering reducing room nights to stay on budget, but this will be a challenge given the forecasted rise in attendees and meeting length. Planners also said the reduction or elimination of commissions by key hoteliers pressures their budgets. Get the full story at BTN