Travel enough and even the latest and greatest amenity will eventually go from hip to humdrum. In-room iPod dock? Yawn. Wall-to-wall WiFi? I should hope so. Flat-screen TV? Yeah, been there, watched that.

No, real innovation comes from imagining amenities that haven’t been invented yet. At least that’s the idea behind the Hotel of Tomorrow (HOT) project, an industry-spanning initiative put together by Hospitality Design (HD) magazine and Gettys, a Chicago-based design firm. Unveiling their ideas earlier this fall, the group effort offered intriguing ideas on everything from checking in to conking out.

A touch-screen unit that lets you pick hotel rooms the way you choose airline seats. Nano-painted walls that provide on-demand electricity without cords or cables. Biometric monitors that adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity based on your health needs and personal preferences. Given the rate of technological change these days — dial-up, anyone? — they’re not as far-fetched as they sound.

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