According to the article, the partnership will only have a slight impact on revenue going forward, representing less than 1% of total revenue for each company. But for TripAdvisor, this revenue will be much easier than revenue that has required thousands of sales calls to local businesses. For Uber, it’s just another way to quickly add users to build its empire and undercut its competitors. Improving the user-experience for TripAdvisor customers while simultaneously becoming a larger part of how they decide to patronize a business, i.e. helping “close the circle” on their transaction with that business is one of them. TripAdvisor can take these metrics (how often people took an Uber to a business page featured on TripAdvisor) and show businesses that TripAdvisor quite literally drives customers to their businesses. Being able to show this should help the sales-team close more deals — the more traffic a business gets on TripAdvisor, the more customers they get delivered to their door. The Click-to-Uber improve TripAdvisor’s product by providing its users the benefit of being able to do more from the TripAdvisor app or mobile site itself. This improvement in the user-experience, like all improvements in user-experience, should help TripAdvisor acquire and retain users. Get the full story at Medium