In order to go head to head, which you absolutely can do, you must become more efficient and increase your revenue while still delivering the knockout service that’s giving you an edge. As William Cotter of NetAffinity puts it, “… there is an industry-wide deficit in revenue management and marketing skills, as well as limited advertising spend. This can, at times, lead to independents struggling to stay on top of a rapidly changing technology landscape… This is where OTAs have excelled.”[2] But what if you could build the technology you need to automate as much revenue management as possible so that you don’t require a full-time revenue manager? What if you could create applications that would deliver messages to your social followers with clout or develop apps that tie your marketing to your travel reviews? What if you could create applications that would analyze your online advertising spend? And this just scratches the surface. We’re not even talking about staff messaging capabilities, creating room maintenance monitoring, or mobile communication with guests—all of which create efficiencies. Finally, what if you could just plug into applications like these (and more) without the hassle of integrations. It sounds like woolgathering, but it all becomes completely possible through Snapshot’s Marketplace. Get the full story at SnapShot