The report points to three key takeaways about the state of marketing in the travel and tourism industry: Marketers still rely on high cost, underperforming media While the industry has seen increased adoption of social media channels, respondents are still investing in media of questionable and declining values, especially print advertising and email marketing. Travel marketers need to reexamine their media plans to respond to usage trends and ROI opportunities. Customer insight is sorely underutilized There is a wealth of demographic, psychographic and geographic insights available from our customer databases that can help drive strategy, promotion and messaging, yet only about 20% of respondents are exploiting their visitor data to drive business. This is a huge opportunity that's being missed. Marketers fail to execute on brand positioning A high percentage of our respondents have gone through the effort of competitive positioning and creating a brand identity, yet a surprising number fail to execute or follow through on this investment. Can this be explained by staff turn over, dissatisfaction with the results, or just Attention Deficit Disorder? Get the full report at Wanderlust