Any Rate Software, Inc., developer of competitive rate shopping software and report tools for the hospitality industry, launched an enhanced version of its Flash real-time rate search tool. The latest version allows for greater flexibility, response, and data at the same price as the previous Flash release.

John Romeo, President & CEO of Any Rate Software, notes that Flash Version 2.1 “is the fastest, most robust real-time rate search tool available to hoteliers today” and will greatly “improve the quantity and quality of real-time data related to a hotel’s competitive set and pricing position in the various electronic channels”. “We are excited to bring this leading-edge technology to our current and future customers”, concluded Mr. Romeo.

Real-time competitive rate search tools employ technology that allows the hotelier to shop hotels in their competitive set on various websites at any time, based on search criteria submitted by the user. Reports are generated to the user’s desktop within minutes. Real-time tools are different from “on-demand” competitive rate reports. “On-demand” reports may simply present a report upon request of the user, based on data previously gathered many hours earlier. However, a tool that searches in real-time, such as the AnyRate Flash product, actually conducts the rate searches on the various websites upon initiation by the customer, ensuring that the rate data provided is current, right up-to-the minute.

The latest version of Flash has a simplified User Interface, allows for more targeted searches via additional selection criteria and rate filtering, can shop 50% more data in a single report, and boasts faster response times.

Jeroen Schouten, Corporate Director of Information Technology for AnyRate Software, stated that “AnyRate is excited to offer the next generation of real-time rate search technology to the hotel industry” and expects AnyRate’s Flash offering to be the “standard by which all such products are measured in the future. We are extremely pleased to provide these enhancements to our current customers immediately, yet with no change in price, which should be of great value to AnyRate’s entire customer base”.

Any Rate Software, Inc. is a joint venture of leading hotel revenue management consultants and website technology experts resulting in the hotel industry’s most flexible, accurate, yet affordable competitive rate shopping tools. Any Rate competitive rate shopping reports are regarded by hoteliers as user friendly and very feature rich. Any Rate reports offer access to more websites (over 120) than any other provider and include industry-unique features such as providing the rate descriptions of all rates, ability to totally customize search programs, and extensive Quality Assurance processes.

Any Rate reports and tools include the core Any Rate report, the Any Rate Change Report, the Lowest Internet Rate Guarantee Monitor Report, a customizable Rate Spread Exception Report, and a true real-time search tool, called Any Rate Flash.
Any Rate customers and alliance partners include many major hotel brands, hotel management companies, hotel revenue management vendors and consultants, channel management providers, and e-commerce consultants.