According to eMarketer’s worldwide digital travel sales forecast, sales in APAC will grow by more than 21% next year, reaching $215.92 billion, compared with North America’s $200.43 billion. This strong growth is thanks to heavy activity within China, where digital travel sales this year are expected to grow by 36.0% to reach $95.29 billion. As has happened with the retail ecommerce market in China, high levels of mobile adoption, combined with a growing middle class that likes to take trips, have led to a booming digital travel market. Currently, the US, with projected sales of $180.59 this year, has the largest digital travel market in the world. While the US market is currently more than double the size of China’s, it is not expected to keep this lead for much longer; by 2020 digital travel sales in China will reach $198.48 billion, less than $15 billion behind the US. Get the full story at eMarketer and Asia Times