At a time when travel bookings and other surveys are showing travelers’ increased sensitivity to political strife and terrorism, AARP's new 2017 Travel Trends survey indicates that only 34% of American Baby Boomers are expressing the wish to travel to Europe in 2017, down by almost a fourth from the 44% who expressed interest in 2016. This year, out of the top five destinations for international Boomer travel, Mexico ranked first, followed by the Caribbean. England/UK/Ireland, generally seen as safe havens from the terrorism events on the European continent, ranked third on the AARP survey, followed by Central and South America. Italy ranked fourth. GenXers also are moving the European continent off their wish list, 34% this year versus 46% last year, AARP’s survey found. Separately, in a new survey from travel insurance comparison site Squaremouth, France was the “slowest-growing top destination for American travelers in the past year,” according to the company’s insurance sales data, which was not broken out by age. Get the full story at Travel Market Report