Although 60 percent of Chinese consumers still prefer to travel on package tours to long-haul destinations mainly due to language barriers, more and more younger visitors, especially millennials, are opting to travel as FITs. This gives them the opportunity to create their own customized itineraries that are not bound to rigid schedules. The growth of FIT travel is further demonstrated by data showing the growth of the $2.1 billion online car rental industry, which grew by 88.6 percent in 2016. According to TripAdvisor China Unbounded, nearly half of Chinese FITs plan to take more trips abroad and 52% will stay for longer periods. Currently, 40% stay 4-6 nights abroad. Millennials will drive 55 percent of expansion in China’s consumption spending over the next five years. Compared to their parents, FITs are better educated, more affluent, and have better language skills. They tend to use online resources, like travel review sites, destination websites, and social media accounts, like those on WeChat, to plan trip itineraries. Get the full story at Jing Daily