Arik Czerniak, chief executive of Metacafe - a competitor to video-sharing sites like YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, and others - wants marketers and ad agencies to tailor messages to the preferences of viewers of short-form videos online.

As video sites ride the popularity tide begun by YouTube, the ideas of Mr. Czerniak and others in the burgeoning community will likely be seriously considered by marketers. Metacafe began offering advertising space to marketers two months ago and is already running five-second ads from H&R Block. Mr. Czerniak said more are in the works and that he has had inquiries from Johnson & Johnson and many others, including "a big media company."

In general, Internet video services rack up minimal revenue today ($200 million in 2005), but market intelligence firm IDC estimates that by 2010, revenue for the category will reach $1.7 billion. Advertising will account for almost half (46%) of that 2010 revenue, according to a report this month by IDC analyst Josh Martin.

"When kids watch videos on the Web, they're not watching TV, so increasingly as their attention shifts from TV to the Web, advertisers who want to reach them will shift too," said analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group. "The popularity of these sites showcases a change in audience behavior."

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