Google's detractors are crying foul. They believe that the internet giant is competing unfairly and biasing search results in favor of its flight and hotel metasearch businesses. They are profiting from their algorithms but also causing harm to their competitors' businesses. If they continue to do so, regulators may soon consider whether they are abusing their market power. According to Skift Research, Google's travel business is worth $100 billion and will generate $14 billion in revenue this year. According to the Skift report, "A Deep Dive in the Google Travel Ecosystem 2018," Priceline Group and Expedia Inc. have shelled out more than $4 billion on Google advertising in 2016 while North America hotel chains chipped in $1 billion to $1.4 billion in 2017. Competition is natural in business. The online travel and hospitality business is a cut-throat one, and one can only expect the rivalry to grow fiercer. But detractors claim that Google has banded together with major hotel chains to stifle competition from smaller online travel agencies. Their focus was to stay ahead of the game, but it seems that the consumers got the wrong end of the stick here. Get the full story at MultiBrief