Four panelists at the Gulf and Indian Ocean Hotel Investors’ Summit tried to answer that question. Raj Chandnani, VP of strategy of hotel design consultants WATG said "I’ve not seen the re-launch of a legacy brand that has made them be more relevant. Legacy brands need to be retooled or refocused, or else they will go." The debate hasn’t been settled as to whether legacy hotel brands are alive and well. Some argue that their experience lends to scale and resourcefulness, while others say newer brands are more nimble. “If you look at the Sheratons, InterContinentals, Marriotts, Hyatts and others, they have between them more than 400 years of experience, while new brands are not able to box out of their region or get the returns their owners expect,” said Peter Norman, SVP of acquisitions and development at Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “Larger chains have been clever both for themselves and their owners,” he said. “They’ve innovated and weathered tourist agencies, online travel agents and other threats, and they have the scale and resourcefulness to compete now as they did then.” Get the full story at Hotel News Now