At eMarketer Attention! 2015, Buzz Marketing Group CEO Tina Wells led a panel on how to deal with the issue, and a few themes emerged. “Millennials don’t follow the rules of marketing,” said Kathryn Minshew, founder of TheMuse. Minshew described how the site used innovative methods to market jobs to young people—many of whom do want traditional 9-to-5 gigs, but may not follow the most traditional path to get them. One step TheMuse has taken, for example, is to require all job advertisers to have professional photo and video taken of their offices, to let job-seekers see for themselves what workplaces look like. Another way brands are succeeding with millennials, according to Chobani social strategist Hilary DuPont, is by creating beautiful real-world experiences for them to enjoy. Millennials may be obsessed with Instagram, but after all, they need something tangible to take photos of before filtering and sharing them. Get the full story at eMarketer