Like the hotel industry in general, the resort segment in particular is facing disruption from all directions. Online travel agencies are working hard to insert themselves between you and your guests, making it easy to book your entire vacation on just one website. Airbnb continues to expand its presence, focusing heavily on training its “hosts” to deliver authentic, genuine hospitality by telling its customers: “Don’t just stay there, live there.” Recently the company announced it will offer private and small group tours led by locals. Meanwhile, the too-long-overlooked vacation home rental business has matured, as owners of lakefront or seaside condos, beach houses and ski chalets are finding new and more extensive distribution channels to reach new segments of the traveling population. With Expedia’s purchase of HomeAway—and with brands such as Choice and Wyndham leading the charge to brand what has been for decades an industry comprised of local mom-and-pop operators—mainstream travelers are discovering that they can rent a home versus a resort room often for a lot less. The smart operators in the vacation rental space are increasingly providing luxury-level accommodations and also adding concierge-type services. Get the full story at Hotel News Now Read also "Hotels no longer sell rooms, they sell experiences"