With mobile search volume surpassing desktop a year ago, marketers are looking for better experiences and Google is under pressure to boost mobile revenue generation, which continues to lag desktop. Google tried to deliver against both of these needs this week with a number of AdWords adjustments, including separating tablet and desktop bids, new ad formats and a tighter integration with Maps for clearer online-offline engagements. “Google's new AdWords changes are very significant and marketers should prepare to increase their mobile SEM and SEO budgets for late 2016 and beyond,” said Brian Klais, CEO and founder of Pure Oxygen Labs. “Most of the changes are systematic in nature and designed to increase advertiser competition. “Google's theory is that larger ad formats will result in more clicks per impression,” he said. “More expansive headlines mean a bigger canvas for advertisers to compete on. The larger ads will mean fewer ads per page, creating further upward pressure on CPC rates. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer