Internet overload has led millions of people in the UK to take a “digital detox”, according to research from regulator Ofcom. The study of 2,025 adults and 500 teenagers forms part of Ofcom’s annual Communications Market Report, which assesses the state of the digital nation. Digital detox is an act of taking time off from the digitally addicted lifestyle that is habit for much of today’s population. It requires switching off all gadgets to enjoy the screen-free time while exploring more active alternatives of enjoyment. Statistics reveal how the sentiment of a ‘tech-free break’ is now snowballing and catching the fancy of today’s traveler. The Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, 2016, reveals that one in three adult internet users have sought a period of up to a month offline, with one in ten admitting to having done so as recently as the previous week. For a third of the people studied in the report, staying online for too long prods them to go for a complete break offline. Get the full story at eHotelier