The new model will let hotels set different prices for same-day and advance booking on different types of rooms, increasing the chances of selling out inventory. For users, it also seems to make a lot more sense. Perhaps other people are more adventurous than I am, but trusting that I can book a hotel on the same day I need somewhere to stay is too risky for me. With a week’s notice, the same use-case of iffy trips or last-minute emergencies is still covered, while offering a little added security on the side of the user and the hotel. The landscape of last-minute hotel bookings has changed since HotelTonight launched. A number of competitors have entered the market — competitors like JustBook and Blink (acquired by Groupon) are inching into HotelTonight turf. And a new member in the space, Roomlia, has actually been offering seven-day advance booking since it launched at the end of August. Get the full story at TechCrunch