Most Americans know Europe for its picturesque travel destinations, historical monuments and legendary cities. But, what do Europeans think of their close neighbors and how will that influence American pond hoppers? Knowing that the best travel information comes from locals, Travelocity editors tapped their sister company in Europe to learn how Europeans themselves rate the food, attractiveness and even social skills of other European nationals.

“European travel is on the rise and insider information is always the best to make sure you pick the best spots,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity's editor-at-large. “This poll provides a mix of fun, and sometimes down right shocking, insights into what Europeans really think of each other.”

For Americans, France is often coveted as the very best destination for world-class cuisine. But Europeans actually rank Italy as having the best food on the continent. Notable dissenters were France and Spain, both voting for their own country as having the best eats. Of course, where there is good there is bad. The vote for the worst food went to the United Kingdom. The Brits insist that title belongs squarely to Germany. (Perhaps that depends on whether you prefer haggis to weinershcnitzel?)

But food isn't everything. Let’s talk candy, and we’re not comparing Swiss chocolate to Belgian. We're talking eye-candy and beachwear. So just who is the hottest on the sand and surf? Most Europeans voted for the Italians, except the Spanish, who claimed that they have the best bods for bathing. The prize for worst beach bods went to the Brits first and the Germans second.

Alas, looks can only take you so far. When it comes to real popularity you need personality. In this category, Spaniards are the clear winners and the Germans the losers. (Incidentally, the Germans actually prefer spending time with other nationalities as well.) Traveling amongst the Spaniards is a sure way to boost your next European adventure.

American’s Favorite European Destinations

- Great Britain
- Italy
- Germany
- France
- Spain
- Ireland
- Greece
- Netherlands
- Switzerland
- Sweden

Advice for Americans Traveling Abroad

- Be humble. In many countries, boasting is considered very rude.

- Dress for respect. Know what is expected. Bring scarves, headwear or whatever is required.

- Be patient. Americans talk fast. Eat fast. Move fast. Live fast. Many cultures do not.

- Live, eat and play local. Most people believe that Americans have the most fun when they are in their own company. Prove them wrong.

- Gestures are a powerful language in any culture. Study up on them.

Other Survey Findings

- The British, Italians, Spanish and Danes seek adventure on their vacations.

- The Germans want to relax and get away from it all when on vacation.

- The Italians are most likely to travel with friends.

- The Spanish and French are most likely to travel with extended family.

- All European nationals (much like Americans) prefer a variety of things to do while on vacation, including beach, shopping and entertainment.