As with any announcement from Google, an eruption of questions and speculation on the wider implications for such a change has taken place. Most of these concerns have been focused on how mobile indexing will affect rankings – particularly for websites that have a separate desktop and mobile version. The primary problem that has been highlighted for these types of websites is that in some cases the mobile version of the site is a stripped back version of the desktop version and may have less content than the desktop page. This means that if a site has rel=alternate tags, canonical tags or device type redirects then Google’s mobile crawler will see the mobile version only. For those with a responsive website, mobile first indexing doesn’t bring a whole lot of change, as a responsive site by nature shows the same content to mobile and desktop users and tailors the visual and user experience format by device. This means that there will be little change in how Google views this content and ranks it accordingly. Get the full story at The Drum