What does mobile-domination mean for your marketing strategy? 1. Think fast: People searching on mobile devices are looking for fast answers to questions. They are generally looking to take an immediate action, such as: locating a store, finding an address, reading an article or booking an appointment. 2. Keep it simple: If it takes more than a click or two to complete an action on your site, it’s too long and visitors will leave to do it somewhere else. Make sure the pages people land on are streamlined – cutting out unnecessary bells and whistles that will just slow it down and confuse visitors. Point people to the most important places first, and include options to access more content from there. 3. Optimize for answers: Mobile users search differently than they would on a desktop. Tossing out the old rules that say you search in formal keyword phrases when you want information, mobile searchers are more likely to ask direct questions: Where is the nearest bookstore? What does B2C marketing mean? How to promote a Tweet, etc. Make sure your website content is built around answering these kinds of queries to get visitors to your site in the first place. Get the full story at Brafton