On the strength of a 31.7% compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2018, mobile travel sales will jump to $64.69 billion by 2018. eMarketer estimates that in 2014, US mobile travel sales will account for 18.0% of all digital travel sales, which also include bookings made on desktops and laptops. By 2018, mobile’s share will increase to reach 37.0% of total digital travel sales. All of the growth in digital travel is coming from mobile, and sales via desktops and laptops will decline slightly year over year throughout our forecast period. Increased mobile penetration is pushing travel companies to develop better, easier mobile booking experiences, and growth in the mobile travel market is driven by several factors. Both tablets and smartphones have unique use cases in the travel purchasing process. The ability to purchase anything, anywhere, at any time via smartphones creates significant opportunities in the travel space in particular, given that its consumer base is by nature mobile. As a result, last-minute smartphone sales are driving an increase in the number of mobile travel transactions. Still, smartphone sales typically involve smaller transactions, for one-night hotel stays or emergency car rentals, for example. Get the full story at eMarketer