ILTM and Brand Karma's second edition of The Luxury Traveller & Social Media uncovers the latest insights into the experiences that luxury travellers in Asia-Pacific seek and share online. Given the region’s diversity, the report presents the data in three distinct segments: Mainland China, Asia excluding China, and Oceania. With Mainland China’s Great Firewall blocking access to major international social networks like Facebook, it’s important to analyse the country separately from the rest of Asia. Similarly Oceania’s geographical and cultural distance from the Asian continent requires it to be analysed independently. The Luxury Traveller & Social Media: Asia interprets the opinions of luxury travellers across the Asia-Pacific region about 2,000+ leading hotels around the world. In doing so, Brand Karma discover the preferences and behaviours of current and future generations of luxury travellers, uncovering valuable predictions for the future. All insights were drawn exclusively from Brand Karma’s research on social media postings left by luxury travellers both in the Asia-Pacific and globally. Download the full report at ILTM (PDF 4.9 MB)