Zuji's Online Travel Report for the second Quarter 2005 tracks online travel booking trends for flight, hotel and other bookings online in Asia Pacific on Zuji, and from related sources.

The report states that there is a strong trend towards seeing one city, rather than seeing the world, as 64% of Zuji's bookings are for trips of a week or less duration.

Similarly, hotel stays are short. People seem to be seeing the city, not seeing the country, or much of the world, when they travel, as 64% of hotel stays are for trips of a week or less duration, implying people are staying in the same city and hotel, rather than city-hopping when they travel. This figure correlates exactly to flight booking trends on Zuji. 64% of flights booked on Zuji are for trips of a week or less duration, again reflecting the trend that people are flying into a city, checking into a hotel, then flying out again within a week rather than sharing their time between cities and different hotels.

In what Zuji sees as a positive trend, there is a shift away from "last minute" hotel bookings in preference for slightly longer advance booking lead times.

The report states, that 44% of hotel bookings are now made more than three weeks ahead of check-in, up from 35% this time last year. Only 36% of hotel rooms are booked within a week of check-in. Down from Q2 2004, where 44% of hotel bookings were made in the week before check-in.

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