Findings from a CNN global survey released today show that travelers are likely to increase their spending, and they are most concerned about price and safety when choosing a holiday destination. Global holidaymakers expect to increase their travel-related spending in 2013, outnumbering those cutting back by more than two-to-one (38% vs. 17%). The results from "Consumer Connect - Travel and Tourism 2013" also show that CNN consumers are typically travel decision-makers, spending an average of US$3,000 on a holiday and make on average three leisure trips every year. A look at "travel perceptions and behavioral trends" reveals that "safety and security" issues are of greater concern for two-thirds of global respondents when choosing an international travel destination. Asia Pacific-based travelers prioritize price slightly more than the global average, while reputation is third in their list of considerations. - 65% of Asia Pacific travelers say "price" is important - 64% are "safety and security" driven - 57% are driven by "reputation" Duncan Morris, VP of Research at Turner International Asia Pacific, said, "These results are great news for the travel and tourism industry. Although CNN consumers are discerning and are price conscious, they are also affluent global travelers. At a time where money in the household is perceived to be tighter, spending on holidays is still obviously a priority." Key findings from the survey include: - 2.2 times as many travelers intend to spend "more" on vacations in 2013 as those planning to spend less (38% vs. 17%). - Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong are among the top travel choices in Asia Pacific. - 58% have booked entire holidays online. Destination specific websites lead the way as a source of travel information, with travel content websites a close second. - Travelers also more likely to increase than decrease 2013 spend on business and leisure flights as well as hotel accommodation. - 73% are willing to take a long-haul flight for their holiday - 72% would enjoy visiting more than one country on their vacation - 54% are considering new and emerging markets for their vacation - 51% of respondents have specific Asia Pacific destinations on their wish list for travel in the next 12 months - 54% of Asia Pacific respondents are most likely to travel within their home region in the next 12 months vs. 46% who place other regions at the top of their list - 61% feel that advertising is a useful source of travel ideas - 71% believe that advertising on CNN can enhance the popularity of a destination The study, entitled "CNN Consumer Connect - Travel and Tourism 2013", looks at consumer travel trends, perceptions and behavior, and was hosted on CNN websites worldwide. It polled more than 3,000 consumers based in over 70 countries around the world and included 25 Asia Pacific destinations.