The downturn in ADR was particularly sharp in Central & South Asia (-11.3% to US$137.87) and Australasia (-8.9% to US$163.65), although both these results were partially offset by occupancy growth. In Southeast Asia however – usually the best-performing region – a 0.3% dip in ADR, to US$146.55, was compounded by a 4.0% decline in occupancy. And according to Elizabeth Winkle, managing director of STR Global, this decline is largely the result of Bangkok’s political problems. “In February and March, Bangkok reported the lowest occupancies in 10 years. The prolonged political crisis is impacting the hospitality industry and wider economy,” Ms Winkle said. She added however, that “India is finally showing signs of occupancy growth”, following several years of oversupply and weak demand. Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia