And the rise of social media and online review sites across Asia appears to be having a significant influence on the hotel sector. Ninety-four percent of hoteliers surveyed at the event stated that a hotel’s online reputation can have an impact on a guest’s purchasing decision, while 66% said they believe that a hotel’s online reputation can influence how hoteliers price their rooms and services. “In an increasingly digital age, an hotelier’s reputation has never been more critical. With the ability for guests to share both positive and negative hotel experiences to large groups of people – including potential guests – in real-time, ensuring that guests have a positive perception of your hotel is paramount,” said Gladys Ang, IDeaS’ regional director of sales. “While online reviews have been generally used by hoteliers to help improve operational and marketing activities to date, the proven relationship between online reputation and pricing means that hoteliers need to incorporate online reputation data when they develop their pricing strategies, consider their competitive positioning and make tactical pricing adjustments.” Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia