The report found that 60 per cent of Asian respondents felt social media platforms were 'very/somewhat influential' when choosing a beach holiday destination, compared to 39 per cent and 24 per cent for their North American and European counterparts respectively. Other influencing factors include last-minute packages. Thais (67 per cent), South Korean (65 per cent) and Japanese (64 per cent) were most likely to be influenced by bargain deals. Vikram Malhi, general manager for Expedia in Asia, commented: “Asian travellers are not just booking their travel on their devices, they are also sharing their travel experiences and researching on mobile more readily than their Western counterparts.” “Mobile is a huge area of investment for Expedia, and the findings reinforce our aim to offer travellers a complete experience, from pre-booking to post-vacation, across devices.” Get the full story at TTG Asia and Expedia